Jose Mourinho talks USMNT and Jurgen Klinsmann

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho answered questions about the USMNT and coach Jurgen Klinsmann in an interview with Yahoo! Sports. Mourinho sees a smooth transition between prior USMNT coach Bob Bradley and current USMNT coach Klinsmann, complimenting both on what they've done with the team.

"I know Jurgen well," Mourinho said. "And also Bob Bradley, the previous coach, very very well. I think between them they made a very good team. I think Bob made magnificent work. When he left and Jurgen came... I like Jurgen very much as a national coach. I think he's the kind of guy with a good mentality to be a national coach. The national coach is different than the club coach. A club coach must have some qualities that the national coach doesn't need. As a national coach, I feel Jurgen is very good. Very organized, a great motivator, the players they like to play for him. It's important for a club player to go to the national team and feel happy to be there.

Mourinho also talked about the strength of the USMNT, pointing to "good players playing in Europe" as well as MLS. "So I think they are ready to create problems," he said. "Like they create problems to Portugal because they beat us in another World Cup before."

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